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Group Photos @ Conferences, Casual Activities, and Meetings

Niral Shah using MATADOR
(Dr.) Niral Shah and his MATADOR TEI imager. (ca. 2019)
Group photo
Jack Kutcha and Niral Shah (center) hiking in Idaho with two other Measurements students between experiments run there. (ca. 2019)
Group photo
Prof. (UFL) Bacciak’s Defense at NERS, with the late Les Rogers, Prof. He, Prof. Wehe, and the late Prof. Fleming. Sometime AD.
Wehe speaking
Prof. Wehe, taken just a few years ago?

Group Luncheon @ 2014 SORMA XV Conference in the University of Michigan.


Group Luncheon @ 2010 SORMA XIII Conference, with Special Guest Dr. Neal Clinthorne.

Receiving an award
(Dr.) L. Eric Smith receives IEEE Outstanding Student Award from Prof. Wehe ca. 2004

Measurement Professors in Michigan: Dr. He, Dr. Wehe, and Dr. Knoll @ 2010 SORMA


Michigan NERS Alumni: Dr. Valentin T. Jordanov, Dr. Ben Sturm, Dr. Paul Barton, and Dr. Geehyun Kim
Michigan Mafia Event @ Knoxville, TN (2009)